Think Big to Live Big 05: You Can’t Go Too Big!

When I start dreaming, and share my dreams with people, I am often told I am dreaming too big, that my dreams are unrealistic. But what I do is see myself with what I already want and act and speak like I have it. I have often signed contracts when I did not have the money, I have made plans when I am not capable of doing what needs to be done, I have called people up to give them a prophetic word without anything in my heart for them. I consider in detail what God has spoken, what I want my life to be like and dream of that.

But when I train people to do this, and inspire them to do this, many people are concerned of reaching too far. They tell me there needs to be a little bit of reality in the dreams. We need to be realistic. Listen – pastors being realistic is one of the biggest problems in the UK. I know one pastor who genuinely believes God has chosen him to build a small church for people who like small churches. What a ridiculous conceit! Jesus came to dream big and inspire us to dream big. You can have a huge church and still organize it to help people who like and need small groups! Think! Dream!

People are concerned they will hurt themselves by dreaming too big. When people say be realistic, what they mean is a carnal and limited reality that everyone lives in. But we are called to change reality.

Question to think about: Were the Wright brothers being realistic when they decided they could build a flying machine? I just flew 17 hours from Argentina to London! There were several hundred people on the plane – why? Because it was part of reality now. But someone had to dream so big and stand on that dream until it became part of reality. They by everyone else’s standards in their day were unrealistic but they made reality.

When I was in Argentina, I went to a church of 12000 people. It was glorious. But 50 years ago, that church sounded unrealistic. It was outrageous that this would exist. But a man dared to dream and changed reality. Now that church IS reality for 12000 people. Because someone was not limited to what was realistic, they changed reality.

This is the point I am trying to make. If you limit your dreams by reality, you limit reality. If you dream above reality, dare to dream some unrealistic dreams, you change reality.

I don’t think there are any limits on you other than the ones you impose on yourself. Now you can try and manifest things too fast. Let’s take an obvious example. One of my dreams is to bench press 315lb for five reps. If I did that today right now, I would probably injure myself. I don’t know how much time it will take to build the muscles to do it, but I know I can get there.

I don’t know how much time it will take for you to be a millionaires, to run your own business, to be happy, to pastor a thousand people, your time frame might not be mine, but we can and will get there if we keep dreaming.

We must understand and grasp that seeds take time to grow, people take time to grow. Elephants take two years to be born, humans nine months, and your dream has a gestation period – and no one knows except God. Your best guess is just a guess. But keep believing and keep dreaming, and it will come.

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