Dealing with Uncertainty 02 The Only Certainty is Uncertainty

If you sat me down and asked me what is in your future, I would tell you that I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet, and I don’t know.

If you pushed me, I am an insightful person with a bit of experience and I could make some good predictions. The seeds you sow will determine the harvest you reap. But how you reap and when you will reap, I don’t really know and nor do you.

In fact, as the title of this post reads, the only certainty is Uncertainty! Your future for certain contains a definite amount of uncertainty. I don’t know who is turning up at church this Sunday, let alone next year or five years time. There is a lot of uncertainty, and the larger your sphere of influence there will be more and more and more.

Every year comes with uncertainty attached. Ok, some recent years have had more than their fair share but that’s not relevant. None of the Lord’s anointed prophets prophesied about a national shortage of toilet roll. Most of them didn’t get the American election right. Not one of them saw people wearing masks to go to the shops. Being born again and Spirit filled does not make you immune to uncertainty.

We must learn how to deal with uncertainty, that’s for certain. In my last post, I spoke about the number one which is building an attitude of faith. See uncertainty as an opportunity not a threat.

My number two piece of advice is this: develop a mindset that is comfortable with alternative is ideas. Uncertainty means sometimes you cannot go with plan A. There are times we have got to church and the projector doesn’t work. Adapt … Play some simple choruses everyone knows.

We had a pastor disappear once. He was pastoring our church and then just stopped and left. He has never spoken to me again despite me reaching out to him.

I had to immediately adapt. I had to step in, travel more, pause other projects and keep that church stable. We raised up another pastor and she is doing such a good job, I’m glad I had to adapt.

One of our church plants failed. So we approached church planting from fresh, changed the way we did it, and our new process has planted healthy, growing churches in four new locations. The unexpected forced us to think of alternatives, alternatives that have made an impact that we would never have made without them.

Not being able to meet in person forced us to work on our YouTube channel and now we have some messages that have been watched thousands and thousands of times. I am glad we were forced to work on an alternative.

Become comfortable with alternatives. Remember David was the alternative king of Israel, due to the unexpected, uncertain future of Saul. Yet David worked well! Really well. God can take an alternative and raise it so well, you would never know it only came out of your uncertainty and being backed into a corner.

Become comfortable with alternatives. Because uncertainty is certain

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