How to Make Someone Else a Better Leader 14 Check Up!

How often should you check up on people who you have given leadership positions or roles too? It depends! On…

  • How important is the task. If your church is going to fail if the task is not done, it’s a good idea to check up quite a bit. There’s nothing wrong with you getting more involved in the most important and crucial areas of your leadership!
  • How hard is the task. If you have given someone a very hard and taxing job, you need to check up on them and encourage them more, answer questions more, and help them more. You need to make sure the person is supportive as much as possible!
  • How new is the person to the task. If they have never done it before, keep an eye on them. If they are adaptive and have done it before, then that’s probably fine to let them get on with it.
  • How new is the person to any task. If someone is a new leader, they don’t know you as well, how you work, how you solve problems. Also they have no track record of success. You need to ensure they develop confidence and a flow quickly.
  • What is the person’s track record. There are some people I can leave jobs with and I know they will get on with it, others need more oversight. That’s just life!

When I check up on people I will start by asking how they feel about the job they are doing, I also tell them how I feel about them doing it. Then we look at what they have done and how well it has been done. I ask if there are obstacles, often one of the best things you can do as a leader of leaders is remove obstacles.

Then give some constructive help and feedback, encouragement and motivation. Thank the person for what they are doing.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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