Pastors Don’t Do This 03: Become Pastor Pharisee (Part 2 – Leading Where You Have Never Been)

One of the things that happens to me disturbingly regularly is the amount of people who offer to be my pastor. I’ve had people who ran a church into the ground and it closed down offer to pastor me, I’ve had Bible College students who haven’t finished Bible College yet, I’ve had Bible College students who finished college and now do not even go to church, I’ve had pastors who were given churches and never started one and the church they were given has been shrinking. All of these people are acting like Pastor Pharisee and I will not let them be my pastor. Let me explain, again, using the words of Jesus Himself:

They are blind guides leading the blind, and if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch (Matthew 15.14)

You see if you are going to pastor people you need to have been where you are leading. You want to have a church where people boldly heal the sick (I ran three healing conferences in March, only went to one of them, but people got healed at all of them, because I have led people into that ministry) you need to have been there, and not be blindly walking into healing hoping you hit one!

Everyone can bump into a healing now and again, especially on a mission trip or in a place where people around are expecting healing. But to lead people to a place where healings are consistent, you have to be able to take the blindfold off and know where you are going – in other words, you need to have been there! You need a proven track record.

I see so many people trying to lead others with no track record. They tell others how to get healed, but they are still sick. They tell others how to get into abundance, but their ministry hasn’t grown financially for years. They tell others how to get free, but they are not free. They are Pastor Pharisees, blind guides leading blind people. And the people will never see because their pastor will never see.

You have to walk with God to be a pastor. You have to forgive. You have to pray when you don’t feel like praying. You have to read the Word. You have to study the Word. You should without a doubt be in conferences and events that don’t platform you. You should be pushing into growth, dealing with your flesh, renewing your mind. You should be stepping out in faith. You absolutely should be tithing and giving above your tithe, even on a pastor’s salary. If not, you have a blindfold on, and you will be leading blind people. Anyone with any insight will leave your church before long, looking for someone who knows what they are talking about!

This is something I have seen far too often to be surprised by it, but it always disappoints me. A pastor is not praying, not reading the Word, not making healthy strong declarations, not living by faith, is living by sight and they end up depressed and defeated. What will happen next if they do not sort themselves out as soon as they can is they will build a stronghold in their mind to justify their behaviour. A stronghold is a collection of thoughts that stop you dealing with behaviour. You will start to say “God loves me no matter what I do” – true, but not helpful here. You will end up saying “God put me in this dark place, it is His will” to avoid dealing with it. You cannot let yourself get there.

I want to challenge every spiritual leader reading this – do not be a Pharisee, do not be a blind leader or the only people following you will be equally blind. Rather, take the blindfold off – turn on some worship music, pray in tongues, open your Bible, repent of your sins, forgive who needs forgiving, be kind, be patient, stop drinking, stop losing your temper, delete the porn on your phone, and kept short accounts with God! It’s that simple.

Take the blindfolds off. If you need help, email me at, and I will do what I can to help you directly or find you help. I want you to win, I want you to be Pastor Victorious not Pastor Pharisee! We are starting a pastor’s alliance in June 2023, and we would love for you to join if you need a place to keep you warm:

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