5 Leadership Lessons from Pastor Duane Sheriff

I have just had the privilege of being in a conference where one of the speakers was Duane Sheriff.  Duane pastors over 7000 people, and ministers grace with wisdom and humour.  I also had the honour of recording a TV programme with Duane for Revelation TV, and having lunch with him and his wife, SueContinue reading “5 Leadership Lessons from Pastor Duane Sheriff”

Our Culture 06: Developing a Progressive Culture

One of the most important roles of a pastor is to set the temperature for the culture of the church. Many pastors are like thermometers – they allow the church to set the temperature, in fact they let the loudest and most carnal people in the church to set the temperature. But what we needContinue reading “Our Culture 06: Developing a Progressive Culture”

Our Culture 05: Inspiring and Challenging

One of the things we are doing at Tree of Life is building a culture where there is both a high level of inspiration and a high level of challenge. I have been in a number of churches and conferences which are very inspirational. The messages are designed to help us dream big, to paintContinue reading “Our Culture 05: Inspiring and Challenging”

Leadership Lessons from Arthur Meintjes

Last weekend we had the joy of hosting Arthur and Cathy Meintjes from Kingdom Life Ministries.  Arthur is now the most prolific guest speaker at Tree of Life Church, and the whole network of churches is better off because of it.  And this Sunday he brought a powerful message on the present day ministry ofContinue reading “Leadership Lessons from Arthur Meintjes”

Leadership Lessons from Marie Helene Moulin

We have just had the greatest leadership conference we have ever had.  It was so glorious, so free in the Spirit, and I have never had so many testimonies from a single conference ever.  If you want to listen to the conference, you can go to http://www.gatesofthecity.net and have a good listen to all theContinue reading “Leadership Lessons from Marie Helene Moulin”

Our Culture 04: Filled With Love

The fourth of our cultural pillars is “Filled With Love”.  God is looking for a church filled with love, that loves one another as Christ has loved us.  That knows the love of God that passes all understanding and yields and allows that love to manifest through us. Now this cultural pillar is something thatContinue reading “Our Culture 04: Filled With Love”

Our Culture 02: Full of the Spirit

We live in a strange church age.  We live in an age where the Pentecostals and charismatics shy away from the Holy Spirit.  They deny tongues, they relegate healing to a secret back room in the service.  Or in other churches, the gifts are limited (restricted?) to the full time super-anointed clergy where the laityContinue reading “Our Culture 02: Full of the Spirit”