Accusation 02: The devil’s staff

In our last post, we discussed the fact that the devil is the accuser of the brethren and his plan is to accuse you through people close to you.  We analysed what accusations are like and why they happen.

Now I want to look at the kind of people who might accuse you.  Satan would rather talk to you one-to-one but you are too smart to listen to him tell you that you are rubbish and useless.  He needs megaphones on the planet – people who voice his accusations out loud.  Accusations work, and satan relies on them, and he is the master of finding the right kind of people to accuse and attack you and distract you from kingdom work.

Now listen to me – never become the devil’s staff.  Never become satan’s employee.  Never accept the job offer from Lucifer!  That is not the way God does things – through accusations.  He never moves or leads through accusing.  He is never behind accusing!

As soon as you accuse someone, you have let satan have a rest and you are his employee on planet earth.  You are literally doing the work of the devil!

Michael, the archangel, dare not accuse satan – but you happily accuse your wife, your husband, your friends, your elders and your pastor.  Can the evil in your wife be compared to satan?  Then why accuse.  Pray, love, forgive, care!

Accusing never changes anyone.  It just kills relationships.  Don’t do the work of accusing people.  It’s not your job, it’s the devils.  There is no Biblical ministry of criticism, finger-pointing, and running people down!

So what kind of people accept job offers from the devil?  These are the seven people most likely to accept a job offer from the devil.

  1. Bitter People
    1. We all suffer in life – we all go through pain.  But some people let that hurt and pain define them, they stop trusting people, they become cynical, they become accusers of everyone.
    2. Bitter people are the hardest to lead and the quickest to become accusers.  That is why you must always resist the root of bitterness.
  2. Jealous People
    1. People who are insecure in their positions and role in life are aggressive.  They attack anyone near them like a rabid dog.
    2. Jealous pastors attack all their staff.  Jealous husbands and wives attack each other and accuse their spouses of being interested in other people.  Jealous church members will accuse the pastor.  Jealous bosses spy on their workers because they are deep down accusing them of planning their downfall.
    3. The Pharisees were jealous of Jesus due to his popularity.  That lead to their becoming his accusers.
  3. Small Minded People
    1. People who cannot see your vision accuse you.  People whose tiny minds cannot embrace the vastness of your plans will accuse you.
    2. The man who only had one talent buried his talent.  He had no idea how big his master’s vision for multiplication was, and accused his master of being harsh.
    3. I have seen many people like this: they accuse you of being harsh because they don’t know the destination.  These people tend to be critical of all who are around them.  The fear in their small minds expresses itself in accusing.
  4. Ungrateful People
    1. It is a tiny step between ingratitude and accusing.
    2. If you don’t realize what you owe someone, then you will end up accusing them.
    3. The Israelites accused Moses of trying to murder them.  They had no idea how much they owed him for leading them out of Egypt.
    4. Accusers are ungrateful people.  They don’t realize how good God is to them.  They pick up stones to hurl at the man who healed them.
  5. People With Something to Hide
    1. Many times people defend their sinful behaviour with a good offensive on someone else.
    2. They strike first on you, they have a lot to hide.
    3. Ahab accused Elijah of bringing trouble to Israel, when it was Ahab’s lack of backbone that caused all of Israel’s problems
  6. Backstabbers
    1. When someone stabs you in the back or does something disloyal to you, they often need to justify themselves for their bad action.
    2. If a person in leadership in a church starts a new church across the road, to justify their behaviour they often accuse the pastor of the old church.
    3. Disloyal people are the elite troopers of accusing.  They are satan’s dream team!
  7. Evil people
    1. To quote Alfred in the Batman movies, some people just want to see the world burn.
    2. When someone accuses you of something bizarre, their mind has to have conceived that bizarre thing.  You have to consider why – maybe it is something they have done!
    3. Remember it was Judas who accused Jesus of not caring for the poor.
    4. People who can always accuse quickly and spot evil all the time – they are evil people.

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