Accusation 03: The Kinds of Accusations

What are the different ways in which the devil uses people to accuse you.  Some are blindingly obvious – like a direct allegation, others are a lot more subtle and you may not even realize that they are an accusation.

Here are seven ways in which the devil manipulates people to accuse you:

  1. A Direct Allegation
    1. This is the kind of accusation we all recognize as accusation.  Someone makes a statement against you: you are arrogant, you are rude, you are a gambler
  2. A Criticism
    1. Criticism is basically expressing your opinion about someone’s work or abilities or qualities.  It is a statement expressing disapproval, and is generally a form of accusation.
    2. Don’t go around looking for bad qualities to point out.  It is accusing.  You are working for the devil.
    3. Pray for people, don’t accuse them!
  3. Grumbling
    1. Grumbling is not making a direct allegation, but making undertones that everyone else will hear.  It is a form of accusation.  It is the devil’s work.
    2. No wonder Scripture says “Do everything without grumbling!”
  4. Accusation by Absence
    1. The absence of certain people is a message.  By boycotting a meeting, you send a louder message than if you actually come in person!
  5. Sarcasm
    1. Sarcasm is using the words that are the opposite of what you mean, to be unpleasant to someone.
    2. With sarcasm, you can make “please” and “thank you” sound like “I hate you!”
    3. It can easily become a form of accusation to someone.
  6. Insinuation
    1. An insinuation is an indirect allegation.  It is still accusing.  In fact often it can be more powerful than a direct allegation.
  7. Gaslighting
    1. Gaslighting is when you re-tell a story but you put everything in a different light.  You highlight some things and you ignore other things, and tell a different story.
    2. That’s what they did to Jesus, they re-told his stories to make him look like someone who wants to destroy the temple.
    3. Be very careful around people who re-tell events to make things dark.

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