Accusation 04:Dealing with It

Ok, so accusations are powerful.  They hurt, they cause trouble, they can de-rail your entire ministry.  So what do you as a leader and pastor do about them?

  1. Pray!
    1. Praying for someone to experience the blessings of Christ is the exact opposite to accusing.  Pray for who?  Those who persecute you!
    2. Pray for all the people who accuse you, not that their teeth will be smashed in their mouth but that they will experience God’s richest blessings.
    3. It’s the counter-spirit to accusations, it’s the spirit of Christ!
  2. Bring it to the Light!
    1. Accusers like to work in the dark.  They are sneaky, spreading gossip and lies.  They work backward and sideways.
    2. So bring it to the light.  Go to the person “I heard you say I am not this, not that, that I do this”.  Bring it to the light, it soon stops it!
  3. Preach!
    1. That’s right – get in the pulpit and explain to people how evil accusing is.  Deal with the accusations from the pulpit – in the light.
    2. If they accuse you of not fasting on the right days, preach on new wineskins.
    3. If they accuse you being just a carpenter, teach on where a prophet is accepted.
    4. If they accuse you of eating with sinners, teach them what the mission of the church should be!

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