10 Reasons You Need to Grow Your Church in 2016

The grace people in the UK (indeed many people in the UK) are still too small minded, looking at maintaining house groups and sustaining groups of 20 people.  I am not against small groups – we all started small, and I still regularly preach to crowds of people under 10 as we are starting new churches and new ministries.  But you must grow.  We all must grow.  We have to grow.

“It’s not about numbers” is the cry of the person who is mediocre, doesn’t dream and doesn’t think big.  It is about numbers, because each number is a person who is being impacted and changed by the message of the complete work.

To inspire you to believe for growth this year, here are 10 reasons your church should go:

  1. The Harvest Field is the WHOLE WORLD – EVERY NATION!
    1. Jesus told us to go into ALL THE WORLD.
    2. If your church isn’t in ALL THE WORLD, there is space to grow.  There are people to reach.
    3. If Jesus is dreaming of reaching the world, why would you dream for something less?
  2. There are not enough labourers
    1. There are a lot of talkers, a lot of people who have been to Bible College, a lot of people who have played a guitar, a lot of people who can preach a message on grace.  There are not a lot of labourers.
    2. The harvest is plenteous, but the labourers are few!
    3. There are plenty of people to get to your church.  PLENTY!
  3. Most pastors are thinking too small
    1. Your end goal is not being able to get a full time salary.  That is far too small a goal.  Your end goal is not being able to get enough money from ministry to get a Bentley!  That is far too small a goal.  Your end goal is not to fill whatever hall you are in – that is too small a goal.
  4. The devil wants your church to stay small
    1. The less people in your church, the more people he can deceive and manipulate.
    2. Stop siding with the devil.  Small is not beautiful, it is letting the devil run wild in your area.
  5. A bigger church creates vision and expectation
    1. It’s amazing when a lot of people get together to worship.  It creates an atmosphere of expectation.  It creates excitement.  That changes lives.
  6. A bigger church can do more evangelism!
    1. You can do more – you can have more meetings, more outreach, more connections.   It’s like a snowball the more you outreach, the more you can outreach!
  7. A bigger church has more money!
    1. Money is important – if a church has a godly pastor, then more money is a great thing.  Obviously, if the church has a greedy pastor, more money in the church means more for him!
    2. Money in the hand of godly pastors is used to change the world.  It’s used to feed the hungry, preach the gospel, change lives, bring godly teachers who bring life to people
  8. A bigger church means more helpers
    1. Have you noticed only some people in your church actually help out?  It’s true for any church, don’t get upset with it.  But as you grow, the percentage of labourers might not change, but the number will grow!  The more labourers the more you can do.
  9. A bigger church can be more specialized
    1. You can run meetings for specialized reasons that only some people go to.  You can run a single’s ministry, a ministry to the over 60s, a minister to the poor, a ministry that is for the teens.  Any ministry that only ministers to a specialized group needs a large church, that’s just maths.
  10. A bigger church means more connections
    1. That means someone in your church needs a job, there is a much higher chance that someone in the church needs an employee.
    2. It means that people can meet in your church and fall in love and get married in the church.
    3. It means that you can build good friendships with people who are like you.
    4. It means there are more people coming by who have ministries and that means you can plant more churches and start more ministries.

You need to grow this year.  Let’s do this thing!

Published by Tree of Life Church

We are a growing network of growing churches, with services weekly in Dagenham, Guildford, Watford, Croydon, Brentwood and Dorset. We are also planting churches in Cambridge, Suffolk, West Midlands and Hemel. Find out more at www.tree.church, www.tree.church/youtube and www.tree.church/app.

One thought on “10 Reasons You Need to Grow Your Church in 2016

  1. Absolutely spot on Ben! 2016 is a year of taking off the limitations and going off limits! We have to grow, otherwise there is something wrong with our body. In order to grow, we need to train leaders. This is going to be a year of personal growth -stretching, growth in sowing /reaping, growth in influence and growth in numbers!

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