The Power of a Team (part 2 – We All Win or We All Lose)

My son came home from school this week disappointed.  It’s that time of year where students his age find out if they have been accepted into the university of their choice.  My son was not sad because he was rejected, but he was sad because a friend of his didn’t get any of their choices.

It’s difficult to rejoice when your friend is suffering a bit.  It’s difficult to rejoice when 5 of you are off to the university of your choice, but your friend is stuck.

If you are a leader you need to understand and embrace this principle: we all win, or nobody really wins.  If you have enough money, you want your friends to have enough.  If your marriage is working, you want your friend’s marriage to work too.

Jacob had twelve sons but when one son was lost, he had no joy.  If you are a leader, you need to be the one who goes after the lost sheep, who sweeps the house to find the lost coin and who waits hopefully for the lost son.

We serve a God who would not start a banquet until all the places were full (Luke 14.21-23).

Learn to be the person who looks out for people.  Who gathers the lost.  Who ensures we all make it together.

It’s not always possible.  Some lost sons never come to their senses, some people will never come to the banquet, some people will never take their place at the table.  But as much as it is in your power, gather the people and make sure you win together.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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