5 Leadership Lessons from Juan Caron


I am currently in Rome at a conference for pastors and leaders across Europe.  One of the speakers is Juan Caron, pastor of Passion for Christ Church in Madrid.

This church has over 2000 members and last year baptized over 600 new converts.  I have had the honour of hearing the man minister and meet with him this week, and he is the real deal.

Here are 5 lessons he has taught me this week:

5. Never go to war alongside people who are not from your house.  Abraham went to fight with his own servants, not anyone else’s.  We have to raise up our warriors and leaders from within.  Pastor Juan only promotes his leaders from within and that has clearly saved him a lot of issues and problems.  I am taking this on board, I can see the wisdom in this.

4. God will always bring you the people you need, but not ready… you have to get them ready.  When David needed an army, God brought him people who were depressed and in debt.  But because of David’s leadership they got happy and out of debt, they became mighty men.  Ask the Lord to bring you mighty men but don’t be surprised if you need faith to recognize them.

3.  Be what you are.  Don’t try and be someone else.  Pastor Juan has really blessed me with his confidence in who God has made him and how God has prepared him.  He isn’t trying to be anyone else or copy them, but knows who he is in Christ.

2.  The need to fight.  Their church has faced non stop opposition,  persecution and hatred but he relishes the challenge.  That Spirit of faith is essential to achieve anything in the kingdom.

1. The importance of prayer.  Pastor Juan does not let a day go by with out spending at least two hours in prayer.  We cannot afford in these times to neglect our communication with heaven.

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