5 Leadership Lessons from Ken Gott


Just had the awesome privilege from being at a senior pastor’s conference hosted by Jarrod Cooper.

There was a lot of information and inspiration at the conference, and all the speakers brought good messages.

But the most powerful message for me was brought by Ken Gott, who I haven’t heard preach for nearly twenty years.

Here are 5 awesome lessons I picked up this week.

5.  Always do everything on the basis of prayer, not admin.  The hub of many churches is admin, when it needs to be prayer

4.  If you don’t climb the mountain and spend time with God, you will end up giving the people a false god.  Moses climbed the mountain to hear from God, Aaron stayed with the people, was swayed by the people and ended up offering the people a false god.

3. We must stop learning to live with broken walls and rebuild them.  No one living in Jerusalem rebuilt the walls as they were used to it, the had learned to live with the brokenness.  God doesn’t want us to live with a broken life, in a broken church in a broken nation.  He wants to rebuild.

2.  We have to stop living in the realm of compromise.  God created black and white, man made all the greys.  We have to learn to be hot not lukewarm.

1.  It’s alright to wear the robes of royalty, we are kings.  But like David we take the kingly robes off and worship in just the ephod, as a priest and child.  When we worship, take all the leadership skills, all the wisdom, all the achievements off, and just worship.  It’s OK to be more undignified than this!

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