Dealing With Uncertainty 04 Make the Dream Plain

In my last post on handling uncertain times as a leader, I said to make sure the dream stayed certain. That meant in your mind as the leader. You have to know what is non negotiable. Tactics change, plans change, timings change, roles change, routines change but your destination in your heart should not change. We are still going to do what God called us to do… But maybe online, maybe not with the people who let us down, maybe not in the way we expected.

But it’s not just enough for you to know that the dream stays the same. You have to clearly communicate the dream to those you are leading. You have to know how to make the vision plain.

You need to let others know clearly: this is where we are going, and we are going to get there. This path is closed right now but there will be another path. You need to remind people God is on your side and His path to your dreams will not be denied by a sea in the way, city walls, or an axehead sinking without trace. But you may have to do slightly different things but the goal is still the same.

Even online Tree of Life Church was still full of the Word and full of the Spirit. We saw people healed last night in different continents during an online healing service. We are doing healing meetings like we have never done them before, but the dream is still the same. It’s not enough for me to know that, I need to let people know that too.

One of the things this does is let people know what a win looks like, to know what to celebrate. That way the dream becomes part of your culture.

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