Spiritual Fathers 02: Call No Man Father

When you talk about spiritual fathers a lot of people go straight to the Scripture where it says “call no man father”.  But like a lot of Christians people do not read the Scripture in context! Who was speaking and said “call no man father”?  It was Jesus. Who was he speaking to?  His 12Continue reading “Spiritual Fathers 02: Call No Man Father”

Spiritual Fathers 01: Who Is Your Daddy?

“For though ye have 10000 instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel” (1 Cor. 4.15) One of the most precious gifts God can bring into your life is a father in the faith, a spiritual faith.  These gifts are very precious becauseContinue reading “Spiritual Fathers 01: Who Is Your Daddy?”

The Power of a Team (part 3 – The Principle of Ranking)

In Joel 2.7 one of the things we find out about the great army approaching is that “they shall not break ranks”. A lot of people in leadership teams, a lot of people in churches especially, do not understand the principle of ranking.  It upsets them because they think that life should be equitable andContinue reading “The Power of a Team (part 3 – The Principle of Ranking)”

The Power of a Team (part 2 – We All Win or We All Lose)

My son came home from school this week disappointed.  It’s that time of year where students his age find out if they have been accepted into the university of their choice.  My son was not sad because he was rejected, but he was sad because a friend of his didn’t get any of their choices.Continue reading “The Power of a Team (part 2 – We All Win or We All Lose)”

The Power of a Team (part 1 – We All Go Together)

The start of a new series in this leadership blog on the power of a team.  Today, I want to talk about something dear to my heart and that is about raising up people as you move forward, rather than stepping on people to move forward. If you are a leader you will move forwardContinue reading “The Power of a Team (part 1 – We All Go Together)”

10 Things You Can Do This Sunday to Make Church More Fun For Everyone

10.  Buy a hamper.  Give everyone a ticket as they come in.  Hold a raffle in the middle of the service. 9.  Play a really old well known hymn.  Even use the original tune.  Belt it out! 8.  Receive the offering to the tune of Yakkety Sax. 7.  Give the people bingo cards with veryContinue reading “10 Things You Can Do This Sunday to Make Church More Fun For Everyone”

10 Reasons You Need to Grow Your Church in 2016

The grace people in the UK (indeed many people in the UK) are still too small minded, looking at maintaining house groups and sustaining groups of 20 people.  I am not against small groups – we all started small, and I still regularly preach to crowds of people under 10 as we are starting newContinue reading “10 Reasons You Need to Grow Your Church in 2016”