5 Leadership Lessons from Pastor Duane Sheriff


I have just had the privilege of being in a conference where one of the speakers was Duane Sheriff.  Duane pastors over 7000 people, and ministers grace with wisdom and humour. 

I also had the honour of recording a TV programme with Duane for Revelation TV, and having lunch with him and his wife, Sue today.

Here are some lessons I have learned from Duane this weekend:

5.  There is always true grace in humility.  Duane and I had communicated earlier in the year, but for no one’s fault our wires got crossed.

Duane was so gracious, willing to bend over backwards to accommodate us, never assumed negative things and was absolutely humble.  It was such a powerful example to me.

4.  Do everything not to be offended.  Duane gives away between 300k and 500k CDs free of charge a month.  Yes, you read that right.  His number one series is his teaching on offense.  Duane is passionate that offense is not just the flesh, but a strategic attack of the devil to destroy the kingdom.  Deal with offense!

3.  The importance of local church.  In a day when some grace people are not even going to church, Duane is building a powerful church through God’s grace.  I thought I was passionate about church until I spent time with Duane.  It really inspired me.

Duane said he doesn’t believe a Christian can grow without a local church.  I agree so much.

2.  How to handle when a friend is accused and persecuted.  When some Christians hear about the assault on my character, they gossip, they avoid me, they behave in strange ways.  Not many thankfully, but some.

When I told Duane today he looked me in the eye and said you didn’t have to tell me, I wouldn’t believe it, and it is never to be brought up again.  That showed me true genuine maturity.

1.  The love for people.  I met Duane and Sue in the venue today and we walked to the restaurant.  The whole journey we met people who recognized Duane from the conference.  He stopped and listened to each one, prayed with them and treated them like the most important person in the world.  That was me seeing Christ in the flesh watching him minister.

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