5 Leadership Lessons from Christopher Alam

5. Always always always be yourself.  I love that Christopher Alam hasn’t changed at all – he has a huge ministry, preached last Sunday night to 40,000 people (yes you read that right) and yet is easily the most low-maintenance preacher I know.  He would sleep in any hotel, never has a rider, and is so willing to fit in with our plans and purposes it is a joy to host him.  He has never forgot where he came from, and never forgot the grace that has brought him forward.

4. Don’t put up with nonsense.  Christopher Alam gets on with what God has told him to do.  His ministry is filled with loyal people and is remarkably free from drama.  He has cut nonsense out of his life.  I was describing a situation I am dealing with in the church and asked for wisdom and he said “if it is not fruitful pull it up and kill it Ben, you are too busy to waste your time on unfruitful things”.  Sage advice indeed!

3. The need for balance.  I don’t know anyone who preaches with more grace than Christopher Alam – you don’t see hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of people born again, healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit if you don’t know and preach grace.  But he also preaches on integrity, and tithing, and the gifts of the Spirit, and the return of Jesus.  That is a balanced ministry that builds healthy people.

2. A love for the local church.  I don’t know many evangelists who work so closely with local churches and do all they can to ensure the people saved find a good local church.  I don’t know many ministries in the UK at their conferences that help people find good local churches, to see it done in Africa so well is glorious!

1. The need to be Spirit led, not culture led.  Christopher Alam has resisted so much of the Americanisation of the gospel message.  What he brings is not wrapped in any cultural paper, but is a beautiful picture of the gospel.  That has cost him because people fail to recognize truth when it goes above and beyond their cultural insights.  But he brings the truth and it is powerful, plain and clear.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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