Kings and Priests 08: Reclaiming Your Authority

Image result for kingly authorityWe have been spending a lot of time in this series looking at the difference between reigning as a king and ruling as a politician, and we found out that we are called to be kings not politicians, that we are supposed to rule through our birth right and not through the will of the people.

We looked at the paradigm that is being presented by some people today that David has to become Solomon and found that this is just not something you can apply to ministers in the New Covenant, and that without David, Solomon would not be able to have had a time of peace, and that Solomon because of politics made some terrible decisions.  We also found out that Moses the politician gave way to Joshua the military leader and that was also succession.  And it was the warrior Joshua that finally got the people into the land of milk and honey.

So I want to finish this whole things with a few tips to how you can in your life and in your ministry rule as a king, not a politician.  These are simple tips you can put into place in your life and change your whole ministry and increase more and more.  Do not listen to those who say you have to become more statesman like to grow, that is not Biblical, and not helpful.

Here are the tips, as promised:

  1. Remember your authority comes from Jesus – not a committee and not people.  You are dancing before an audience of one!
  2. If someone is not paying you your salary, sharing a bed with you or your mother, then you do not have to listen to their opinion.
  3. Remember you always have the right to say no, and you never need to justify that word.
  4. Spend time with people who are being fruitful and are walking above criticism, this is caught more than taught.
  5. Remember your value is found in where you are different for other people, not where you are the same.  Don’t try and fit in when you are designed to stand out.
  6. Don’t base associations on what other people say, know people by their fruit. If someone is helping you and you can see their fruitfulness, ignore what other people say about them.
  7. Don’t stop running your race to argue with someone on the sidelines doing nothing.  Armchair critics don’t have an opinion worth spending time on.
  8. Fellowship with Jesus.  Keep fellowshipping with Jesus, the more you spend with Him, the more the character, the dignity, the grace and the kindness of His brand of royalty will rub off on you.


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