How to Make Someone Else a Better Leader 13 The Holy Trinity of Delegated Leadership

If you give someone a position of leadership, they have what is called delegated leadership. They should have some latitude and you should definitely give them space to be themselves and be creative, but if you gave them the position and platform (and in some cases pay their salary) then their leadership is delegated and they need to lead people the way you want them led and leave their ego behind.

When you give someone a position of delegated leadership, you are giving them three things, and if any one of them is neglected then their leadership is wonky. These three things are:

  • RESPONSIBILITY. This is the easiest one to give someone, you want the people around you to be responsible and you expect it. To be a success in life is all about taking responsibility. You should be choosing leaders who are already responsible – for themselves, for their families, with their money, at their current career and whatever else they are doing. So, generally they take that responsibility into whatever task you make them a leader in.
  • EMPOWERMENT. This is hard for many leaders to give away. If you give someone the responsibility to get something done, you have to resist the urge to control every detail of what they are doing. People do not develop unless they have freedom to do things their way. You cannot give someone the responsibility to get something done with out giving them the power to get it done. That means helping them, empowering them, giving them the right equipment, ensuring others know they are in charge, and so on. Notice, one thing we cannot give someone is the power to be respected, but we can give them the right to be respected and the space to earn it. Part of responsibility is developing respect with others so that they follow.
    • We need to give people the position of power, ensuring people know the org chart and who they are reporting to and so on. Then you give people the capability of power – make sure they have access to training so they can do what you have asked them to do. As you hand these other, you expect anyone you have given delegated authority to develop true leadership by developing integrity, and character, and working on their walk with God and their love for others.
    • We need to make sure people have the tools they need. And more than one tool! This covers basics like a laptop or printer maybe, or a business card, it also includes books, training courses and seminars. Be creative in providing tools for your people. It’s one of your main jobs as a leader of leaders.
  • BOUNDARIES. Any authority that is delegated is not ultimate authority. It has boundaries. All authority has boundaries, a manager might be able to tell a worker to get a report done at 3pm, but he cannot give him work at 9pm after he has gone home. A pastor can stop someone prophesying falsely over others in the church service, but he cannot control what the person thinks or does at home. All authority comes with boundaries, and part of raising leaders is helping them see where the limits of their authority are. I have raised up many pastors in the last few years, and we have to make sure they know their authority over elders, deacons and people who come to their church is very limited with specific Biblical principles. Also, in the Tree of Life Family of churches, pastors are not free to run their services or small groups any way they want, they have some freedom but not absolute freedom, they have some power but not absolute power. People need to realize where their jurisdiction lies and where it does not, and that is not always instinctive and is something you need to think about when appointing people. When a pastor appoints elders, sometimes those elders think their job is to control the pastor rather than make disciples That person needs to be taught their boundaries and limitations.
    • Another aspect of boundaries, is making sure leaders are accountable. People should not be afraid of accountability, they should appreciate it. People need supportive, constructive criticism, and if you are the one raising them as leaders, it’s your job to provide it.

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