Kings and Politicians 04: The Tyranny of the Majority

One of the concerns of a democratic system is often called the “tyranny of the majority”. It is the idea that the majority, because everyone has one vote, can easily outvote a minority, and impose their rule and their ways on a minority.

Healthy democracies have checks and balances to ensure this does not occur, to balance the desire for justice with the need to give every individual a vote.

When a church or ministry however is led by a politician, not a king, someone who leads through people pleasing rather than God pleasing, then sadly there are often no checks or balances, and then – and this is the ugly side of religion – the majority do rule, and they do become tyrannical.

The irony is the person who knows the people do not rule him or dictate to him, the person without a political bone in their body, the person who doesn’t care about pleasing people is the one who can actually help all people, including the minorities, the dispossessed, the powerless.The political leader on the other hand has to constantly divide people into groups and can only do what the largest group wants:

  • The pastor who cannot preach a series on loving others, evangelism, same sex marriage because it will upset the majority of the church. Now the majority are the tyrant shutting down the will of God in that church.
  • When a minister who would be a great blessing isn’t invited because many people, or even a vocal minority, object, then the blessing is lost because of politics, then there is tyranny there.

Sadly, what often happens in these situations is the ministry or church ends going nowhere. Imagine a bus that was run by democracy. You reach a roundabout and drive onto the roundabout. At the first exit, 25% of people want to take the first exit, but 75% want to stay on the roundabout. At the second exit, 25% of people want to get off that exit but 75% of people want to stay on. This goes on for ever, so a bus driven by a politician will never go anywhere. Resemble anywhere you know? Selah!

Kings or Politicians 03: Handling Conflict

When you realize that as a Christian you are a king, not a politician, how you handle conflict changes.

Politicians have to listen to everylone’s criticism, everyone’s concerns, because they need the applause of the audience. Kings do not.

This surprises and frustrates many people when you start living like a king. They are annoyed because you will not obey their orders or drop everything or do something just to please them. They assume that because they would do anything to please others, you should too, or you are

Lpd politician cannot grow a large ministry. If you are trying to plea _lol ok just ok hse everyone you will always eventually please no one. If you are trying to stand for everything, eventually you will stand for nothing. And ultimately the emptiness of it all is revealed. It was not ministry, it was crowd leasing hype and foolishness.

A king handles conflict differently. They know they only answer to Jesus. You cannot make them dance to your beat, because they are dancing to another beat! They are only concerned with pleasing and impressing Jesus.

Does this mean a king never listens to another human? No, not at all. But they understand the principle that Jesus taught so clearly: by their fruit you will know them.

Let’s say a king has a problem with one of their sons. They don’t go to anyone and everyone to get advice, they don’t listen to all the detractors and all the people telling them how to do ministry and how to parent. They go to another king who has fruit in the area of parenting and they listen carefully to the fruitful.

I reign as a king, and I refuse to listen to unfruitful critics. The armchair football players yelling at the television! The spectators telling the runners how to run!

When people criticise my social media strategy, and their social media presence is smaller than mine, I won’t listen. You don’t have to listen to every voice! Which is liberating! When I get parenting advice from people with no children, I don’t have to accept it, I don’t have to canvass for an election, I have to bear fruit. I will find people with adult children serving the Lord and listen to their advice.

The problem is that many people with the politician mindset think that if you don’t listen to them, you don’t listen to anyone. People say to me “you are not accountable to anyone” and what they mean is “you are not doing what I want”. There’s a huge gulf between those statements, but the politician cannot see it.

Politicians never ever stop and think: I don’t really have a clue here, I will just shut my mouth.

They never think “hey, I have never started a ministry, I should really listen to this guy, he started all this from nothing”, no, they say what needs to be said to gain approval, and if that means putting you down that’s fine by them. They never think: “I’ve never done that, maybe I should learn from someone who has”.

You have to learn to develop a spine! A royal spine. You need to learn to say no to every piece of advice you receive. You want to be a good pastor, you need to ignore the baying of people who have never pastored a church telling you how to run your church. Find someone more fruitful than you, and ask their wisdom!

Being a king means that you make decisions based on what you see, not based on democracy. In our Western world, everyone wants a say and wants to bring democracy to the church. But God decided to set up His kingdom on earth, not a democracy. Selah!

Kings or Politicians 02: Longevity

This is our second post about the difference between royalty and politicians. As Christians we are called to be royalty, to reign in life as kings. Revelation 1.6 describes Christians as “kings and priests”, not as politicians and priests.

Last post we looked at the difference in the source of authority between politicians and kings, for politicians it comes from people and pleasing the people, for royalty it comes from birth. And here is the stark truth: royals outlive politicians. The picture above this post is Queen Elizabeth and President Trump. He is the twelfth President of America that the Queen has met. I seriously doubt anyone reading this post could name all 12 of those Presidents off the top of their heads!

When you are a politician you will always become yesterday’s news. I remember in 1997, when Princess Diana tragically died. A lot of people said the Queen reacted poorly, and the current Prime Minister Tony Blair tried to manipulate public perception and use the death for political gain. In the short term, it worked, but over two decades on, the Queen has a public rating higher than she has ever had, and Tony Blair has gone down as one of the worst Prime Ministers the nation has ever had.

When you decide to reign in life, you realize something: political leaders in the church come and go. All the time!

Political Christian leaders are not going to be around long. The same people who cry Hosanna one week cry crucify the next week, and unless your source of power, your source of authority, is more than the people, you will be gone and not even know why. The reason is you never got grounded in Christ. You said what you thought the people needed to hear, not what Christ needed you to speak. You love the praise of man, you are a statesman, not a king.

Greg Mohr said at a pastor’s retreat I was at last week “You cannot bless those you are trying to impress!” And if you are trying to impress everyone, you are blessing no one, and so eventually people will stop coming to you.

I want you to have a long lasting ministry. I have people who tried to destroy me, tried to lie about me, gossip about me. They didn’t care about following Christ, and were prepared to ignore all of Christ’s mandates and instructions to get ahead and impress people. Most of those people are not in ministry! I am still putting out the Word and will be doing so until I die, because I only care about my Royal Family – the Father, King Jesus, and the Lord Holy Spirit. I am not trying to impress man. That means sometimes I look a little out of step with the crowds, but it means long after the crowds change, I am still plodding on, still walking in victory, still wearing my Royal Diadem.

I suggest getting on your face before God until the voice of the people grows strangely dim. Until you hear Him speak, then one I not matter what the people say. Just do it. Then you will be a king and have a ministry that bears fruit and lasts.

Kings or Politicians 01: The Source of Your Authority

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For a while now I have wanted to do a series of blog posts on the difference between ruling as a king and ruling as a politician.  Since I was born again at the age of 16, I have seen in many different churches, denominations, Bible Schools and ministries, people who have the authority that they flow in through Jesus Christ and His life, and other people who are playing at politics.  I want to set people free from the need to be political and show them how to reign as kings, because that is God’s will for us, and that is where true authority comes from and that is how to win at life and build healthy churches!

The reason why this is so important is that there is a lot of teaching going around the body of Christ at the moment about the need to be more political.  Now if that means the church and Christians should be more involved in the politics of their communities, cities and nations, I am absolutely all for that.  I even ran for public office once!  I believe that the church needs to speak into national issues such as homosexuality, abortion and gender issues.  The church should have a public voice.  But, some of the people saying that churches and Christian leaders should be more political are not saying that – they are suggesting that the way we lead should be more akin to politicians than kings.  That we need to continually look at how people respond, how they react to judge how we should behave.

Now in one sense there is an amount of truth in that.  We should love people, we should not go out of our way to offend and upset people.  Our role as ministers and leaders should be to reign in life.  That ability to reign in life comes from the gift of righteousness (Romans 5.17) and over several posts I will explain how a revelation of our righteousness leads to us being able to lead properly as a king, and not like a politician.  Most Christians who lead like a politician, if you scratch the surface, you will find out they do not understand properly grace-righteousness and they think that their standing with God is something they need to earn.

So today, I want to start with a major truth that many do not realize.  And that is what is the source of our authority as Christians?  It does not come from how many people like us, it does not come from how many people follow us, it does not come from how many people attend our church, it does not come from how many people appreciate you, it does not come from how many partners you have.  No – it does not even come from he people.  Your authority comes from Jesus Christ Himself, as a gift.

Saul made this mistake and lost his kingdom.  He offered a sacrifice he was not anointed to make, he did something that he was never called to do, and when Samuel confronted him on it, Saul said:

11 “What have you done?” asked Samuel.

Saul replied, “When I saw that the men were scattering, and that you did not come at the set time, and that the Philistines were assembling at Mikmash, 12 I thought, ‘Now the Philistines will come down against me at Gilgal, and I have not sought the Lord’s favor.’ So I felt compelled to offer the burnt offering.” (1 Sam. 13.11-12, NIV)

Saul was the rightful king of the nation, he was not put in power by an election of the people, but by the selection of God.  But he was scared of what the people would think of him if he did not have an offering, and later on we find out that he let the people keep the sheep and goats from the battle fearing their anger if he killed them all.

Saul was concerned what the people thought of him.  That was the driving force of his kingship – he wanted the favour of the people, he wanted people to like him.  That stopped him reigning as a king, and started his career as a politician.  It was a very short career, as it is impossible to reign as a king and be a career-politician.  The way to deal with people, the way to deal with God, the way to handle decisions in both are too diverse, too different, too opposing for someone to do both.  God removed the kingdom from Saul because God is not interested in a politician having authority in His kingdom.  God appointed Saul not the people, and whoever appoints you to a position is whoever you should be looking to for leadership and guidance.

Now, what does that mean for us in the New Testament? 

Our source of authority as believers is Jesus Christ.  He appointed us to bear fruit, not people.  We are not elected.  Some churches hold elections, some of you have been employed by other people in a church or ministry, but ultimately as a believer your authority, your ability to rule and reign in life comes from Jesus Christ, not the people.  Politicians are elected and selected by the people, and kings are given their election by the family they are born to.  Your authority as a born-again Christian comes from your new family from the new birth, not the people.  This should be basic teaching, but sadly many churches and many Bible Colleges do not explain this to people.

We need to not run our churches and ministries like Saul and pander to people.  It is not the way forward, we are not running our race for people but for Jesus Christ.  We need to be free from politics when it comes to Christian ministry and free from being led by the very people we are called to lead.  You can gain political authority in ministry by crafting and changing your ministry to impress the people and you can gain a following by being subject to the desires and whims of the people.  But you do that, and you will not be able to reign as a king at the same time!  You will still have your God-appointed authority, but you will never bring it out in case it upsets one of those people whose “vote” you desperately need.  Politician preachers and ministers can have a following, but they do not raise the dead.  You need to make a choice – will I follow God or please men!  Paul had to make that choice:

Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.  My message comes from Christ (Galatians 1.10, NLT)

Everyone trying to be political as a Christian leader needs to examine this verse and see if they are not trying to win people’s approval, rather than serving Jesus Christ.  Our authority comes from being under the authority of Christ, not from the approval of people.

Recently, a large ministry that I respect a great deal has started teaching explicitly and powerfully what the Bible teaches about homosexuality.  The ministry believes that it has a mandate from God for teaching that.  I have seen a number of people tell me that they think that this minister has missed it here, not necessarily because they think what he says is wrong or incorrect but rather because teaching like that so boldly and clearly might cost him followers and people.

Those people are thinking like politicians, they are thinking about the following of the people.  They are thinking like Saul not Paul.  They are thinking like politicians not kings.  I asked the minister about it, and he said “I have lost people when I taught this, but I must obey Jesus over people”.  You know that is the truth, we must obey Jesus over people, and not care about the consequences.

As a pastor or leader you have to be very very careful about people trying to make you political.  Now, those people who do that have no God-given mandate to do that, so they will resort to manipulation and guilt to persuade you to be more political.

For example, they might hear a message you have preached and you have preached it strongly.  I like to be explicit about what I mean and they are concerned I have upset someone.  So they will come and tell me.  But rather than be direct with me, and deal directly with what I have said (it’s one of the traits of politicians not to speak directly) – they will tell me “your ministry will not grow if you say things like that”, “that kind of thing is not statesman-like”, “that kind of behaviour is not godly”.  They will want you to listen to the crowd.  Sometimes they even invent the crowd.

Once I preached a message called “Being Tribal Not Clannish”.  I believe that as church goers we should be tribal, our church should be our tribe, we should support our church, love our church like an extended family, and help them as much as we can – we should speak the same tribal dialect, and have the same culture and goals.  At the same time, we should not be like a clan, so wrapped up in our own stuff we do not look outwards, and cursing and attacking people who don’t look like us.  It’s a good message, and a great way of using language to define what kind of family we are as church.  At the end of the message, an African man came to me to speak to me about the message.  He said that I have offended a lot of Africans by using the word “tribe” to describe how the Tree of Life Church should function.  I asked him who, but he refused to name anyone specific and just said people might be offended.  I asked him if he was offended and he insisted he wasn’t (politicians will never admit to character flaws in case some people are upset!), but that other people might be.  I said I am not going to worry about imaginary people getting offended.   Imagine being so political you worry about what imaginary people think about you!  But people are!  Christian leaders are!

They ask you to think about the hundreds of people who are offended, but they are the only one, but that narrative doesn’t suit a politician, so they will tell you about the people who might be upset.

And you see, actually the reason you need to look to Jesus and obey Jesus and not the people is that Jesus loves people more than anyone who needs the approval of people.  In fact, you cannot really love people while you are trying to get them to like you and approve of you.

This weekend I was officiating at a wedding, it was a young man who has been in our church and just finished his second year at Bible College, and while there met another student.  It was a glorious wedding with people from our whole church family and a whole bunch of Bible College students.  One of the students was coming to a conference we are hosting and I asked which speaker they were most keen on hearing.  I was very surprised, and this is not a humble-brag, that they said it was me.  They told me that when I speak and speak clearly about things, and tell it like it is, it helped them believe that they could actually be in ministry, it helped them deal with things in their life and address things.  You see when you learn to reign like a king and do not care what people think of you – then you can actually say the things people need to hear rather than what they want to hear.  That way you can genuinely help people.

Now politicians get so upset at that, it shocks them that you do not care what people think, they do not know how to process it, and they will call you controlling, authoritarian, unloving, and all sorts of other names.  Just shake the dust off your feet and get on with the task of being fruitful, working miracles and changing the world.  All of us are performing for an audience of one – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Next post will develop this theme further!  Enjoy!

How to Deal with an Angry Cat

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A number of years ago, for my birthday, one of my sons bought me a survival manual.  It had all sorts of bizarre advice inside – what to do when attacked by a shark (punch it in the eye), what to do when attacked by a bear (pretend to be dead), how to survive in the desert (shallow breathing, and use the sun as a compass to get out of there).

One of the chapters was how to deal with being bitten by one of the big cats.  I read that one carefully because I don’t like cats – and I think they know that.  My own cat, who I never feed or look after because that was the deal when we bought her, seems to live between my bed and my seat!  So imagine a larger version of her, the chances of me getting bitten seems quite high.

Now apparently when a cat bites you, let’s say it takes your arm into its mouth and clamps down, what you need to do is counter-intuitive.  You want to pull your arm out – but the cat’s teeth are bent inwards so doing that will just cut you and hurt you more.  The trick – according to my survival manual – is to push your arm into the cat’s mouth, go the other way, and choke the cat to death on your own chewed arm.  That is the way forward, and I am sure that although Rambo would find it easy, I would be a lot less willing to give it a try in that situation.

Now, why am I telling you this – the chances of you getting bitten by a big cat are immensely tiny.  However, the chances of you – as a minister and leader – getting caught up in some other traps are immensely high.  In particular,  I know three traps where the solution is counter-intuitive.  It is literally the exact opposite of what you want to do.

  1. Loneliness

It’s lonely at the top they say, and that is true.  Ministers are normally in the top 5 of careers in which people are most likely to describe themselves as lonely.  It’s difficult to form friends in the church due to charges of elitism, it being difficult to pastor friends, and it being difficult to really be honest in front of people who expect a certain veneer from their pastor.  In addition, you try to form friends with local pastors, selfish ambition often gets in the way – pastors can be very territorial.

Every minister has fought feelings of loneliness, that no one gets you, no one understands, that people if they knew the real you would reject you.  And so to deal with those feelings the tradition advice is pull the arm out of the cat – get around people, be with people, go out with people.  But that just bloodies the problem – you can be lonely in a room full of people, and the more people, the more it highlights your insecurities, your inability to build friends and it just makes the problem worse.

Here is an idea if you are facing the lion of loneliness – choke that thing by going the counter-intuitive direction.

Get off really on your own.  Go to a retreat centre, go for a walk in the woods, lock yourself in your office.  Turn off your phone, pause your email, get off Facebook.  Go and be alone.  Don’t go and watch rubbish on the TV and make friends with the TV show stars who aren’t real.  No, get totally alone.  Because then you find out you are never alone, that the Lord is with you, and as all else is silenced, you will find the friend who sticks closer than a brother, who never fails to understand you and love you and support you, He will give you the wisdom to move forward, the compassion to want to move forward, and the confidence that you actually know where forward is.

2. Self-Pity

One of the most crippling of emotions is self-pity, and it’s equally spiteful cousin self-doubt.  You look at your life and you look at your flaws and you magnify them and you obsess with them.  The devil sees your broken focus and starts to join in the chorus with your lower brain – you have failed, you have let so many people down, you have so many flaws, you cannot do what you are called to do.

And again, the traditional faith advice is to fight that and make positive declarations about how awesome you are.  And at times, when the cat isn’t biting hard, you can do that, and it works.  However, at times the tiger of self-doubt holds so tight you cannot move away, so you move in.

There is a Scripture in the sermon on the mount which says “agree quickly with your accuser” (Matthew 5.25). Sometimes when the devil pushes you hard into self-pity, accuses you, the best thing to do is just agree.  Yes, I am this rubbish, I have failed this much, I have let people down this much.

That way you choke what that “like a roaring lion” is trying to do – because if you argue with him about how glorious you are, he will win.  You have failed, you are not good enough for God’s call.

But if you agree with your adversary, then you start to realize that you have managed so far, you have some fruit, you are still on the road – and it is not because of you – it is the grace of God.  God’s grace is the solution to self-pity, not self-affirmations.  Where your sin abounds, grace abounds even more.  You find yourself loving God more as you realize you are forgiven more.  Then your eyes lift off yourself as you cannot take your eyes away from the gracious face of Jesus who knows you failed, knows you hurt people, knows you don’t have the skills, strength or wisdom to do what He has called you to do, but He loves you anyway, calls you anyway, cares for you anyway.  Praise His name!  His mercies are new every morning and His compassion never fails.

3. Jealousy

As leaders we can easily get jealous.  There is always someone with a larger church, a bigger healing ministry, more success, more favour than you.  But we have long insisted jealousy is always a negative emotion because of the destructive effects we have seen from it.

But the Bible (Deut. 4.24) tells us God is a jealous God.  God is jealous.  The word at its base meaning is to strongly desire something.  You see – it is very difficult to desire something in an abstract form.  I always desired a healing ministry, but it was always abstract because I had never seen a real healing ministry.  Then in 1998, I saw Dave Duell minister healing, pulling people out of wheelchairs, praying for people quickly, stepping out in faith and seeing miraculous results.  I was instantly jealous.

I tried for weeks after that conference to stop being jealous, to pull my hand out of the panther’s mouth, but it didn’t work.  I was just upset that I was doing that.  Then I realized jealousy is not evil, that actually God was working through my jealousy to motivate me to move into my ministry.  I had seen many great ministers before, but I had never seen someone like Dave.  Why did that one make me jealous?  Because God designed me to function like that.  So I let the jealousy rise.  Most people pull against jealousy, hurt themselves, get depressed, get conflicted and don’t go far in life.

I pushed into it, I poured out my heart to the Father, told Him how jealous I was, told Him I wanted to see the sick healed like Dave Duell did, and do you know what?  God started leading me into that.  Dave Duell became a precious friend, father and mentor in my life, I changed what God showed me to change, I choked that panther, and now I travel the world hosting healing meetings.

I hope this helps. I haven’t blogged in a long while, but in the last week a lot of people have started engaging with the blog, so I thought I would start sharing some leadership principles again.  Need anything, let me know.  Feedback and questions would be always welcome.

A Gentle Heart (part 1)

Image result for gentle heartI haven’t blogged for a while.  Time has not been on my side, and when I get time to write, I am preaching a lot more than I ever have and I am penning sermons, or I am writing my new book on leadership which I shall hopefully finish this year. But this topic of a gentle heart has been on my mind the last few weeks.  I hope this new series helps.

We live in the greatest generation who has ever lived.  I believe that with all my heart.  We are seeing more heaven and more hell on the planet than ever before. We are seeing the church shining bright and walking in faith and grace in a way it has not for many decades. Satan is fully aware his time is short and he is working overtime to destroy the church, remove the Word from your heart, and destroy the precious unity of the brethren. He will try anything to stop the church from walking in the glory of the Father and walking in her destiny.

There is greater resistance to preach the Word than there has ever been, but a greater response to that Word!  It’s called the harvest – the world is getting darker and brighter at the same time!  But it is not a tragedy to be alive today.  You were not born out of time, you are on time.  And I welcome you to this generation – if we did not have the grace to make it in this generation, we wouldn’t have been born into it.  God is not stupid, He does not make mistakes.

It is time for the world to see more signs, more wonders, more miracles than any generation has ever seen.  It is time for you and me to work those signs and wonders, to work those miracles, to defy the devil, the world and even our own flesh, and to stand for the Lord and His love, His purity, His passion, His Word, His faith, His kindness.  It is time for us to bloom!

How can we do this?  How can we take our place in this end-time movement?  The answer is found in two simple words: gentle heart.  Jesus Christ died for you, for me, but He also died for the whole world.  Someone needs to tell the world about His precious blood, His vast love, His extravagant glory.  That someone needs to be you.  How can you it?  You need to develop a gentle heart that does not react out of fleshy needs to be in control, to pay back, to get “justice” – but a gentle heart that is still, sensitive to the still, small voice of the Spirit, a heart that can hear God and follow God.  It doesn’t mean weak, it means meek.  It means strong, stronger than you will ever have to be, but never harsh.

As and when, I will continue this theme about how to develop and use a gentle heart.  Until then, why not pray “Lord, I want a gentle heart.  Lead me to that place by your grace and mercy”

Love you all,


Tend My Lambs

Part of a pastor’s role is to tend to the lambs. Lambs are the baby sheep. Paul defines babies as those who are carnal not spiritual, those who are moved by what they see and not by faith.

You have lambs in every area of the Christian life. In the healing ministry, they have a desire and anointing to heal but they are focused on magic water or an exotic fruit that allegedly brings healing.

In prosperity, they are looking for the next pyramid scheme, or the next get rich seminar where the only person who gets rich is the guy charging £250 for a seminar.

In changing the nation, they are camped around a political party or system, even though no politician has ever changed a nation.

It is our job as pastors to tend to these lambs, to gently but firmly use our rod and staff to lead them to the still waters and green grass of the redemptive work of the Lord. You can always tell the baby lamb when they get off kilter because they have no still waters, everything agitates them, everything winds them up – you wind them up just by trying to get them to rest in Christ because their baby eyes can’t see Jesus, they can only see their carnal, worldly, cheap solution and so they are always agitated. Every message about Christ alone winds and stirs them up.

It’s one of the hardest jobs of the shepherd ministry, and none of the other fivefold have a clue about it, but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do


Wisdom for Your Finances

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  • All of us make mistakes, the best of us learn from them!
  • You have to pursue what you want to own!
  • You earn not based on your uniformity, but on your uniqueness!
  • You cannot be promoted until you are doing something better than average!
  • What you have in your hand is enough to succeed in life if you are only prepared to sow it!

How to Be Promoted 01: Be Faithful in Natural Things

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One of the things you need to know is that you are destined for greatness.  The Lord Jesus Christ in His awesome wisdom has invited you to co-rule this planet with Him! So that means you need a promotion! Thankfully, throughout the Scripture, God has revealed several keys that will lead you to promotion.

One of the greatest keys is to be faithful in natural things. It is my experience that many Christians find out about all their awesome spiritual blessings, and how highly they are called and how deeply they are loved, but they then find it difficult to relate this to their boring, mundane, “normal” lives. You do know that the Holy Spirit doesn’t want you to move into the Lake District, avoid all people ever, and just listen to the Bible all day and tapes of Andrew Wommack and Kenneth Copeland!

The whole purpose of our life in Jesus is to share that life in our life, in our world – in our family, in our workplace, in our schools and so on and so forth.

God has, by grace that you don’t deserve, given you the power to be obedient in no matter what situation you are in, no matter how normal, how mundane, how natural.

What you need to work on to be promoted is the basics of character – integrity, honour, loyalty, honesty. We need to be told to put these things first – we need to realize that this is the power of God at the first level, the level that changes the mundane.

Jesus said if you want to be trusted with great things you have to be faithful in small things.  In your work, in your church, in your life are you faithful with small things?

  • Are you punctual?
  • Are you kind with your words?
  • Do you do what you are told to do?
  • Can you work without supervision?

Start putting these principles into every area of your life and promotion will come.



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On Sunday after church, my family is flying off to Sweden, a place I haven’t been for ten years.  I have realized in the past few weeks that I definitely need a holiday, a rest. Some days I work 14 hours, and my children in addition to excelling in education all help with the church.  Even this second, my wife is organizing gift baskets for people, and I have just been on the phone to KCM organizing our Healing Without Walls Conference with Riley Stephenson.

Now everything God has ever designed has margins of rest. He makes a man, the most complex machine ever seen, and this man has to spend one third of his time asleep, non-functioning, resting. God rested one day in seven, and the Israelites were given three weeks of rest in the year, and a whole year off every one in seven!  That’s being serious about rest.

I must admit, I struggle to rest sometimes, I am a driven person. I want to help the world, I want to walk in my dreams, I want to walk in love, I want to help everyone. But to do that I have to rest.

Rest is part of the feelgood factor in life.  Sometimes at the end of a long day, my emotions start to play tricks on me, I get a little paranoid. That is a sign I need to sleep and rest. I wake up in the morning and my emotions are no longer above me.  Physical rest is part of your discipleship.

So I won’t be blogging next week, I won’t be around. I will be resting. And looking forward to it.




Make sure you plan rest into your day, your week, your year and your decade!  It’s part of feeling good.  Let me know below what you do to relax and rest…