How to Make Someone Else a Better Leader 01 You Had Better Be Making People Better Leaders

Every leader should be fruitful. One of the hallmarks of fruitfulness is to reproduce what you are. Christians should reproduce more Christians. Leaders should produce more leaders, apostles should produce apostles, pastors should produce pastors, and so on. You bear fruit according to your kind. I wonder about people who have pastored for decades and never raised up another pastor. I think it takes a lot of effort not to reproduce, reproduction should be natural.

It starts very simply with two very simple things. I want you to think carefully about whether you are doing these two things, so that you know if in the next five years you will be raising up some more leaders like you. You need more leaders for your ministry, church, business, organization to grow. So take a second, ask God to help you answer these questions honestly:

  1. Do you appreciate the people around you for who they are and what they do for you? Do you praise their work and accomplishments?
  2. Do you believe in your people? A lot of pastors do not. Do you believe they will do a great job if they are released – and if not, that it is your responsibility to invest in them until they can?

I used to work in a programming team, programming computer code. I was not the best programmer, I was not the most intuitive at the languages, I struggled to sit and read code for hours on end to find bugs. But I had a skill very few in computing have – I could bring people together, I could inspire people, I could get us working on the same team doing the same job and winning together. That meant they always wanted me around!

If you study the life of anyone who is a great leader, you will find they are inevitably surrounded by other great leaders. That is not an accident, that is not a quirk of nature. That is something that they deliberately did. I know pastors who love to send their leaders to Bible Colleges – outsourcing their leadership training. Why would you outsource the most important thing you could do? Why would you send people to be looked after by people who are not pastors for a couple of years and then expect them to come back to you as pastors? If you are the pastor, bear fruit as a pastor and raise up some pastors!

Let me tell you something that good businessmen know, but very few pastors know. People are the only asset that appreciate with time. I have got some pastors who have worked with me for years and years, and they are better pastors than they were when they started. My laptop from those days is worth nothing now. My car from back then is now scrap metal. We have gone through a bunch of projectors and cables and so many other things that have worn out, but the people in Tree of Life are better than ever. The leaders are better than they have ever been.

You are not so anointed that you can do your dream alone. This blog post has been inspired by listening to Andrew Wommack last night who said that all leaders must learn to delegate. You must learn how to build a team and build that team. You must find a way to share your dream, and share your scheme with others and then invest in them and build them. John Maxwell says the most important task of leadership is keeping good people, I would say as a pastor it is to build, keep and develop.

Most pastors keep their concept of fruit in the idea of sheep. More sheep means you are a better pastor. But Jesus said bear fruit according to your kind. Your main ministry is to raise up pastors. Evangelists – it isn’t how many sinners you win, it is how many evangelists you birth. Apostles stop focusing on planting churches and plant the dream of church planting in the hearts of others. It will both lighten your burden and enlarge your dream at the same time – and that cannot be a bad thing.

When someone says to me they are a fivefold ministry, “hello, I am a prophet” – my first question is how many prophets have you produced? If the answer is zero, I am not going to start proclaiming you as a great prophet yet.

You should be surrounded by great people and be making them great leaders and then greater leaders. Great leaders produce leaders that produce leaders! I know that leaders who produce leaders win in life but those who do not, and even outsource their leadership development fail. Selah.

What is your plan for the leaders around you? Are they growing? Are they helping lift your load? Consider this. Next time, we will answer the simple but vital question of how do you know who are the potential leaders around you to develop.

Dealing With Uncertainty 06: Be A Change Carrier

When times are uncertain, you have to keep the dream big, like I said in the last post. But at the same time how you get from here to there may change. Our dream is our destination, and if it is a God-given dream then you must absolutely hold onto the dream and keep the same destination. But if times are uncertain, we have to be ready to innovate and change the way we get there. As leaders we must become carriers of change.

Even if you are teetotal, I would imagine you have heard of Jim Beam whiskey, it is one of the top whiskey brands, and is the most internationally available whiskeys. You can buy it anywhere in the world. Jim Beam was a farmer who made his first barrel of whiskey in 1795! The company has been selling whiskey for over two hundred years! It has been in business longer than anyone has been alive, it has been in business since before the car and aeroplane were invented, before trains, before computers, before tin cans, before photographs, typewriters, and fridges existed! Their dream of making whiskey is still the same, but the way they do it has had to be re-innovated over and over again.

In 1854 they moved the entire distillery next to a train station because they realized the easiest and best way to get the whiskey delivered across America was with the newly invented and built railway system.

In 1920, alcohol was outlawed across America, and the president at the time (also called Jim Beam) used the land to grow citrus fruits and mined it for metals. He kept the whiskey’s secret formula secret and kept planning for a future he could sell whiskey again. He was 70 years old when the Prohibition ended, and quickly came back, they built a distillery faster than any other whiskey company in the US, was selling whiskey again less than four months after the laws changed, giving them the edge over their competitors. In fact, most of their rivals had gone bankrupt. But Jim Beam did not fail, it increased during tough times.

He was capable of carrying change – the company over the years was capable of carrying change. This is something we in the church need to learn. When we face uncertain times, we cannot ignore the challenges, we cannot wish that life was magically better. We need to face the roadblocks in our paths and work out a new, fresh way to our dream and our vision!

Most of the things that impact the local church are utterly out of the control of the pastors. When we faced lockdown, there was nothing I could do to keep having church meetings, it was that simple. I was doing great, advancing the kingdom, and suddenly I had to become a carrier of change. We could be facing lies, a church split, lack of finances, a lawsuit, national pandemic – whatever it is, keep hold of the dream but be flexible on the path forward.

Many pastors claim to be living by faith during uncertain times, declaring boldly “all is well, we will just keep doing what we are doing” – but it’s not faith, it’s fear, it’s panic, it’s an ostrich response to the uncertainty, and it won’t help. We need to be people of faith but we must be people who realize we need to change routes often as we progress.

We have to accept that the way ahead is messy, it is not always comfortable, the road you want to take is not always open. Look up and look forward and walk forward knowing that we can innovate, we can survive. If the whiskey producers can handle the Prohibition, we can handle what is ahead.

The next time you are struggling to advance, think of Jim Beam growing citrus fruit on his land, keeping going, dreaming of a day in which his whiskey would be famous across the world. Keep dreaming, and plan an alternate route. Do not stop, do not retreat.

Dealing With Uncertainty 05 Do What You Do Well

I used to run a McDonald’s restaurant. No one ever once came in and asked for a fillet steak with peppercorn sauce. If someone did we would all think they were weird. We all know what we get when we go there. Our job wasn’t to do something new but do what we were known to do and well. You can go nearly anywhere in the world and you know what you are getting in a McDonalds. People don’t complain about the food there unless it is slow or cold. They expect the food fast and hot.

That is because they have been establishing for decades that this is what they do. In tough times, their challenge is to keep providing what is expected.

We must, when times are uncertain, go back to what we do well. One of the key things I do well is minister healing to the sick. I was doing healing meetings long before I started pastoring. When I am stuck what to do, I often hold a healing service. I hold healing services when we start our new churches. People expect that at Tree of Life they can find healing for their body, among other things. It’s becoming part of the brand of Tree of Life. Our other pastors are bold when it comes to teaching healing and ministering to the sick. If we had a Tree of Life Church that was not seeing healings, I would have to do something about it.

In uncertain times, there should be certainties. One thing we must not throw out of the window is our standards – our cultural standards, our spiritual standards, the standards of our message, our ministry, what we produce, our way of doing things. Stay on point!

And if you have let things slip – do not beat yourself up, just get it unslipped! It happens to all of us that the changes around us can cause us to change what should never be changed. It’s not always easy to get unslipped. People do not realize that one of my biggest battles is just to keep the standards of our Tree of Life Churches on point. I pray, I teach, I counsel, I fight to ensure that Tree of Life is always full of the Word, full of the Spirit, full of the nations, filled with love. Often that means we will not do certain things, and you do not win any popularity contests when you cut a certain meeting out or do not have a certain guest speaker, or will not promote someone who you know cannot carry the vision of the Tree. Correction is hard on people as well, but we know leadership requires strength.

Maybe you can see that your standards have slipped – pray to the Lord and ask for ways to refocus on the dream, and do things for the dream! Get people on board and make some changes.

Dealing With Uncertainty 04 Make the Dream Plain

In my last post on handling uncertain times as a leader, I said to make sure the dream stayed certain. That meant in your mind as the leader. You have to know what is non negotiable. Tactics change, plans change, timings change, roles change, routines change but your destination in your heart should not change. We are still going to do what God called us to do… But maybe online, maybe not with the people who let us down, maybe not in the way we expected.

But it’s not just enough for you to know that the dream stays the same. You have to clearly communicate the dream to those you are leading. You have to know how to make the vision plain.

You need to let others know clearly: this is where we are going, and we are going to get there. This path is closed right now but there will be another path. You need to remind people God is on your side and His path to your dreams will not be denied by a sea in the way, city walls, or an axehead sinking without trace. But you may have to do slightly different things but the goal is still the same.

Even online Tree of Life Church was still full of the Word and full of the Spirit. We saw people healed last night in different continents during an online healing service. We are doing healing meetings like we have never done them before, but the dream is still the same. It’s not enough for me to know that, I need to let people know that too.

One of the things this does is let people know what a win looks like, to know what to celebrate. That way the dream becomes part of your culture.

Dealing With Uncertainty 03 Don’t Ever Let Go of the Dream

One of my dreams is to plant one hundred churches in the UK. In the next two months, we are planting another two churches meaning we will have ten churches in the UK.

We are en route to the dream. But it has not been easy. We have been lied about, discouraged, persecuted, hated, all for the sake of the kingdom of God! What we have had to do is hold on tight to the dream.

In uncertain times, it is vital you don’t let go of your dreams. You might have to find alternative paths, but the grand destination should not change at all.

You, as a leader, need to constantly be course correcting. Am I still heading to the dream or am I distracted, am I stuck because of a change or uncertainty where I should be coming up with alternatives. Not alternative dreams but alternative paths to the same dream!

You hold onto a dream corporately by what you celebrate. You help other people dream big with you when you celebrate the dream advancing.

I can see when a church has gone into survival mode when it celebrates the trivial.

In Tree of Life, we are celebrating two brand new churches. That is something worth celebrating.

Yes, a new projector or new building is nice, yes an invite to preach overseas is nice, yes, this and that change can make the journey easier, but I am celebrating steps to the dream not the little things along the way. That is the number one way you celebrate the dream: You celebrate every step towards it.

An organization that no longer makes steps towards a dream will start celebrating banal, superficial changes. Oh, we moved to a new venue around the corner. Is it larger, does it help you extend the kingdom more, or is it just an external sideways step? Nothing wrong with that, but don’t celebrate that or everyone in your church will want a new building, as they will think it’s important because you made a fuss out of it.

Celebrate salvations, healings and steps to the dream. Celebrate the kingdom of God being advanced. Then everyone in your church will want to see that.

In business I see people write a business visiom statement because they are told that’s what they have to do, but they never look at it again, they never walk towards it, never fight for it, never push towards it. And how much sadder is it when a church does this.

Oh yeah, here’s a vision statement, says the pastor, but if no meeting in the last ten years has been about stepping forward into the dream then you don’t really have a vision. That’s not a good response to uncertain times

In uncertain times, keep the main thing the main thing. You may have to find a new venue, a new strategy, a new website, but remember you are selecting alternatives because you are obsessed with reaching a destination. Do not celebrate the alternative, celebrate the goal. Selah.

Dealing with Uncertainty 02 The Only Certainty is Uncertainty

If you sat me down and asked me what is in your future, I would tell you that I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet, and I don’t know.

If you pushed me, I am an insightful person with a bit of experience and I could make some good predictions. The seeds you sow will determine the harvest you reap. But how you reap and when you will reap, I don’t really know and nor do you.

In fact, as the title of this post reads, the only certainty is Uncertainty! Your future for certain contains a definite amount of uncertainty. I don’t know who is turning up at church this Sunday, let alone next year or five years time. There is a lot of uncertainty, and the larger your sphere of influence there will be more and more and more.

Every year comes with uncertainty attached. Ok, some recent years have had more than their fair share but that’s not relevant. None of the Lord’s anointed prophets prophesied about a national shortage of toilet roll. Most of them didn’t get the American election right. Not one of them saw people wearing masks to go to the shops. Being born again and Spirit filled does not make you immune to uncertainty.

We must learn how to deal with uncertainty, that’s for certain. In my last post, I spoke about the number one which is building an attitude of faith. See uncertainty as an opportunity not a threat.

My number two piece of advice is this: develop a mindset that is comfortable with alternative is ideas. Uncertainty means sometimes you cannot go with plan A. There are times we have got to church and the projector doesn’t work. Adapt … Play some simple choruses everyone knows.

We had a pastor disappear once. He was pastoring our church and then just stopped and left. He has never spoken to me again despite me reaching out to him.

I had to immediately adapt. I had to step in, travel more, pause other projects and keep that church stable. We raised up another pastor and she is doing such a good job, I’m glad I had to adapt.

One of our church plants failed. So we approached church planting from fresh, changed the way we did it, and our new process has planted healthy, growing churches in four new locations. The unexpected forced us to think of alternatives, alternatives that have made an impact that we would never have made without them.

Not being able to meet in person forced us to work on our YouTube channel and now we have some messages that have been watched thousands and thousands of times. I am glad we were forced to work on an alternative.

Become comfortable with alternatives. Remember David was the alternative king of Israel, due to the unexpected, uncertain future of Saul. Yet David worked well! Really well. God can take an alternative and raise it so well, you would never know it only came out of your uncertainty and being backed into a corner.

Become comfortable with alternatives. Because uncertainty is certain

Dealing with Uncertainty 01 Change Your Viewpoint

I recently read a survey of CEOs of growing businesses, and I found out that when asked what is the most important skill to grow a business that 84% of them said it was dealing with uncertainty.

The last couple of years have definitely been times of great uncertainty, and recent events proves that uncertainty is here to stay. So, as a pastor, a businessman, an elder, a dad – how do you lead your sphere of influence in uncertain times.

You see the problem is that uncertainty feels like a threat. You cannot know what will happen next, there are gaps in your expectations for the future, and your mind fills in the gaps with negative thoughts. Then when you feel threatened, it can be difficult to operate in faith – or even objectively.

So, your first thing to do is to stop seeing uncertainty as a threat and see it as an opportunity. This is the pivot you need to make to handle uncertain times. Stop seeing them as threats and start seeing them as opportunities. This is vital. When we were restricted from having live, in-person services by law, I was very much tempted to see it like a threat. I was tempted to be dismayed, to think that we could not continue as a church, as a family of churches, that we would not survive. My flesh was very keen to fill in the gaps with negative pictures and images. But I did not that win, I focused on the opportunities available and really pushed into online services, we had over thirty services some weeks, we build the system with webcams, sound equipment, we still have online prayer meetings and teaching ministries today In the first year of lockdown, we grew financially by 24.9%. That’s staggering. The root of thriving in uncertainty was an attitude of seeing things like this as an opportunity not a threat.

Opportunity should be defined by how can we make a difference. How can we help people? We could not reach people in-person so we needed to think about how we could still make a difference in people’s lives – we used YouTube, Facebook, phone calls, letters, everything. We did all we could – some of it worked, some didn’t, so we kept refining, kept doing, and kept advancing.

Your first thing to do in times of uncertainty is develop an attitude. Ok, I cannot do what I wanted to do, I cannot do what I used to do, I cannot do what I planned to do – but I can do something. I can help someone. I can do something similar, something useful. I can take my skills and abilities – both my soft skills and hard skills – and I can do something. That attitude will lead to ideas coming, it will lead to you taking bold action, it will lead to things changing for the better.

Now, the reason that is easier said than done. The reason for that is because uncertainty is emotional. In fact, studies have shown that uncertainty affects our emotions and stresses us more than knowing for certain that something bad is coming. That means a pastor would be less stressed not knowing if they are about to go through a church split than actually know for sure that they would. That’s staggering, but it is the reality of the situation. Even in good times, some leaders struggle to enjoy them and expect the future to be good just because they do not know it will for sure. They definitely need to work on that.

Of course it’s not fun making guesses, no matter how good those guesses are. Most leaders like knowing what is about to happen next, they like to analyse, to plan, to predict. Uncertainty makes us uncomfortable, and not only that make us frustrated. Frustration makes us forget to pray, to think, to have a positive, expectant attitude!

Uncertainty becomes a distraction. So, we need to change our focus, then as leaders help others focus on the right attitude. We have survived so far, and thrived in the storm, and we will not fail in this next storm. We will not even fail in the storms we are not even sure are happening. We will not fail. We can trust the Lord and even if certain paths are closed, we are both capable and called and we will reroute and find a new path to our destination – it could easily be a better path.

Develop the attitude that you can advance in uncertain times. You need to!

Think Big to Live Big 06: Create or Disintegrate

The late Bob Proctor used to say that if you are not creating you are disintegrating. In other words, if you are not going forward you are going backward. The Bible says it like this: the wages of sin is death (Romans 3.23). That’s a very stark and strong statement. If you do not trust God and dream big, and remember whatever is not of faith is sin (Romans 14.23), then you are now in reverse. You are flowing the wrong way – everything is a struggle.

It is a struggle to advance. It is a struggle to plant new churches. It is a struggle to raise new leaders, to build the character and loyalty in people to stand firm in higher places, it is a struggle to deal with the inevitable jealousy and envy that come when you are fruitful. Success is hard. Today I am reeling from a yellow fever vaccination I need because I am in Africa, I have to go to the embassy tomorrow to get my visa to Liberia on a one day emergency basis because next week I am in Turkey. I am preaching in five different churches in the next two weeks, I am travelling all over and it is a lot of fun but it is a struggle. I have only just got back from Argentina. We are growing, and I am being stretched so much right now. I am making new friends, building new relationships, operating on a new level. Our pastor’s meeting in the last few months has gone from six people to thirteen. It was busy! It has changed, and I had to learn how to process that and get stuff still done.

But I am advancing which means I am walking with this principle! I am working with the principles of faith – which mean advance. When a church goes backward, it goes against those principles, when a ministry, a leader, anything goes backward it goes against those principles – and that is infinite times harder! When you are advancing, no matter the struggle things work so well. The money comes in, the people turn up to lift up your hands to help, the people grow with you and it’s easier to promote them.

If the struggle to do something is so immense it hurts, double check you are going the right way. Are you doing God’s will? You of course cannot tell God’s will based on resistance, but if there is resistance AND on the inside you feel no strength or power to push forward and you are otherwise walking pure with the LORD and in the light, maybe this is a wrong move. No matter the resistance if you are walking in the Lord’s will there is a flow, I don’t know how better to describe it. Getting ready for this crusade in Liberia has been hard – it has stretched me, but there has been a flow every step of the way, and today things just snapped together in such a wonderful way. When things happen like that, you know you are doing it through the principles of dreaming, putting faith in God’s grace and operating in favour.

The major problem most pastors have with advancing is not big obstacles though, it is actually trivia. I don’t know how else to say this, it’s that people get worked up and spend far too much time taking care of things that do not matter and will never be remembered in history. Ever been in an elder’s meeting spending two hours discussing the colour of a carpet? That’s the sort of thing I mean. Often the choice doesn’t really matter, make it quick and get on with the big issues.

If some event or person is not changing the direction of your life, is not helping you find your purpose, do not spend time on it. That’s like the river bank if you stay there too long you will miss the flow of your destiny. If you flow, then the water will just guide you where you need to be.

We had a guy who was helping us with a project and he just disappeared. I mean vanished. So I kept going with the important bits, and someone else turned up and took over and it kept working. I love that – you walk in the paths of righteousness and life comes your way. You do not need to seek things, you need to seek the kingdom and these things will be added to you.

You have to find your destiny. You have to find your purpose. A couple of times the difficulty of planning a foreign trip this year, especially several in a row, and putting systems in place for when I go, it has pushed me to my limits. I also have other people misunderstanding me and what I am doing before God.

So I sit down and I see myself preaching at gospel crusades, I remind myself of my purpose, I see what I saw in person in Argentina – the salvations, the healings, the life, and then I keep sailing, keep flowing, keep going. If you understand nothing else understand this:

PURPOSE is the only reason you will be WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE TO DO THINGS.

You need to find your purpose – what you love, what moves you, what you have to change, what problems you have to solve. What you cannot sleep without having in place. I said at our leadership conference everyone has a super-power, something you are exceptionally good at. You are better at that than anything else you do. There is a major clue.

Think Big to Live Big 05: You Can’t Go Too Big!

When I start dreaming, and share my dreams with people, I am often told I am dreaming too big, that my dreams are unrealistic. But what I do is see myself with what I already want and act and speak like I have it. I have often signed contracts when I did not have the money, I have made plans when I am not capable of doing what needs to be done, I have called people up to give them a prophetic word without anything in my heart for them. I consider in detail what God has spoken, what I want my life to be like and dream of that.

But when I train people to do this, and inspire them to do this, many people are concerned of reaching too far. They tell me there needs to be a little bit of reality in the dreams. We need to be realistic. Listen – pastors being realistic is one of the biggest problems in the UK. I know one pastor who genuinely believes God has chosen him to build a small church for people who like small churches. What a ridiculous conceit! Jesus came to dream big and inspire us to dream big. You can have a huge church and still organize it to help people who like and need small groups! Think! Dream!

People are concerned they will hurt themselves by dreaming too big. When people say be realistic, what they mean is a carnal and limited reality that everyone lives in. But we are called to change reality.

Question to think about: Were the Wright brothers being realistic when they decided they could build a flying machine? I just flew 17 hours from Argentina to London! There were several hundred people on the plane – why? Because it was part of reality now. But someone had to dream so big and stand on that dream until it became part of reality. They by everyone else’s standards in their day were unrealistic but they made reality.

When I was in Argentina, I went to a church of 12000 people. It was glorious. But 50 years ago, that church sounded unrealistic. It was outrageous that this would exist. But a man dared to dream and changed reality. Now that church IS reality for 12000 people. Because someone was not limited to what was realistic, they changed reality.

This is the point I am trying to make. If you limit your dreams by reality, you limit reality. If you dream above reality, dare to dream some unrealistic dreams, you change reality.

I don’t think there are any limits on you other than the ones you impose on yourself. Now you can try and manifest things too fast. Let’s take an obvious example. One of my dreams is to bench press 315lb for five reps. If I did that today right now, I would probably injure myself. I don’t know how much time it will take to build the muscles to do it, but I know I can get there.

I don’t know how much time it will take for you to be a millionaires, to run your own business, to be happy, to pastor a thousand people, your time frame might not be mine, but we can and will get there if we keep dreaming.

We must understand and grasp that seeds take time to grow, people take time to grow. Elephants take two years to be born, humans nine months, and your dream has a gestation period – and no one knows except God. Your best guess is just a guess. But keep believing and keep dreaming, and it will come.

Think Big to Live Big 04 Joining the Dots

dot 20 Colouring Pages | Dot worksheets, Number worksheets, Dots

Andrew Carnegie said “any idea held in the mind and emphasized, whether feared or revered will at once begin to clothe itself”. In other words what you think is what will manifest. If you are afraid of something like Job, it will come upon you. If you are desiring something in faith, it will come upon you. We need to dream big dreams.

I have a dream right now of running a family of one hundred churches in the UK and other churches across Europe, Africa and Asia. As I dream it, it is coming upon me. Our TV ministry is now available in well over 100 nations. We are seeing miracles on a regular basis, and I am in very high demand as a conference speaker. All of that is what I dreamed first. The picture was inside my mind, and now it is coming upon me. I am a long way away from my goals, but I act like I am there, and in my dreams I am there.

You need dreams that involve you going where you have never been. Now, I once heard Steve Jobs say you cannot connect the dots when you dream, you can only connect them after. In other words, dream big and stop worrying about how you are going to get there. You look back and see the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ when you start to get there.

When I started dreaming of five churches, I was also dreaming of five pastors. I didn’t even know five pastors – well I did probably know five, but not five who liked me, and certainly not five who would be willing to work for me! I look back now at the team of pastors that have been assembled in the Tree family and how they have been assembled, it’s genius. I could never have joined the dots looking forward, but now I can.

Listen carefully – STOP TRYING TO JOIN THE DOTS LOOKING FORWARD. You are not smart enough and not wise enough and not creative enough to see what God is about to do.

YOUR JOB IS TO DREAM – YOUR JOB IS TO HOLD THE IMAGE THAT YOU KNOW IS YOUR GOD-GIVEN DESTINY BEFORE YOU – then as the dream comes upon you, you will see how God did it.

Let’s look at it on a micro-level, let’s say you are in church this Sunday, you have already tithed this month and the offering bucket is being passed around, so you open your wallet or purse and get a fiver out to put in the bucket, and the Lord says “I want to get £1000 to you this month, give £100 in the offering”. You obey the LORD and give the £100 and now you are expecting the £1000. Your job is to see the £1000, not plan how it will come.

EVERY SECOND YOU PLAN HOW THE MONEY IS COMING – maybe God will tell Ben to give it to me, maybe God will tell my neighbour to give it to me, maybe God will tell this person to give it to me – every second you spend scheming in your mind HOW, every second you spend trying to join the dots is a second you are not dreaming. YOU ARE JOINING THE DOTS NOT HOLDING THE PICTURE IN YOUR MIND. That is not going to make anything come upon you.

Stop trying to work out how, stay with the whole picture in your mind and focus on it until it matters to you and sparks joy and life in you – and everything, and everyone you need, will turn up when you need it or them, but not before. God’s right on time!