5 Things Great Leaders Do Daily

It’s what you do daily that changes your life, not what you do fanatically and intensely.  It’s consistency that is the key to change.

These are five habits that if you do them daily, you will become a great leader.

5. Pray

Let’s face it – you don’t have the wisdom and strength in yourself to do what you are doing.  But the Lord is your wisdom and your strength.  Learn how to roll your cares onto Him, learn how to fellowship with Him, learn how to flow with Him.

Learn how to allow Him to lead you through peace and joy to set your priorities the right way.  Let Him show you the obstacles ahead that you know nothing about.

4. Give

A generous spirit is the most powerful force on the planet.  There is something amazing and life changing about being generous.  We live in a culture of stinginess, of self-serving and queue-jumping.  Learn to give – give time, give space, give financially.  Every day you should be giving and investing.  Look at those you are developing – what can you give them today?  Sometimes a simple email is life changing for someone.  Every day what can you give?

3. Honour

What you honour is what will move towards you, what you dishonour is what will move away from you.  Learn to honour what you want and who you need in your life.  Honour those who support you – tell them thank you, don’t treat them like commodities but like people.  Honour those who help you and lift you up – tell them thank you.  Honour your wife, your children, your friends.  Honour God’s Word, honour things that bring you happiness and health.

2. Read

Leaders are readers.  It really is that simple.  You should be reading books on leadership, books on your field, books on thinking, books on the Bible.  All sorts of books.  Develop a habit of reading daily.  The TV is no substitute for reading.

When Paul was in prison, he called for Mark to bring him his books.  Paul, even in jail, was still a reader.  That’s a good daily habit to have.

1. Reflect

We build systems, we build organizations.  We do things because they work, because they fit us, because of a host of reasons.  Sometimes we are doing things in a way that is less than optimal just because we haven’t thought things through.

Spend time daily reflected about what you are doing.  What systems do you have in place for your leading – are they working?  What parts of your day are taking too long?  What could be done differently?

Learn to dream, to reflect on what has gone before and consider what could be ahead.  Do this daily, make course corrections every day.  When they flew the first rocket to the moon, they had to correct the course every half hour.  To fly your life into your dreams, you have to constantly make course corrections.

Published by Tree of Life Church

We are a growing network of growing churches, with services weekly in Dagenham, Guildford, Watford, Croydon, Brentwood and Dorset. We are also planting churches in Cambridge, Suffolk, West Midlands and Hemel. Find out more at www.tree.church, www.tree.church/youtube and www.tree.church/app.

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