Lies That Stop the Harvest 04: People Are Unwilling to Be Mentored

Mentorship is the single most powerful force in moving your entire life forward. That is a simple fact and is inviolable. George Hill says “The fastest way to get anywhere is to follow a man who has been there”. I say “What you hear from someone you respect, you will inevitably believe”.

So when you have found someone who has been where you want to go then you have to treat every moment with them as a moment to treasure. When I started Tree of Life Church, I asked God for three mentors: one to show me how to operate in authority and command things to happen, one to show me how to pray and meditate, and one to show me how to pastor. God brought all three of these men to me, and I have treasured the moments I have spent with all of them.

Let me give you some powerful wisdom most people don’t realize and very few ever live by: what you fail to honour and respect will eventually leave your life. It might be a miracle. It might be a pet dog. It might be money. You see life has a flow – things flow, and if you honour things they flow to you, if you dishonour them they flow away from you.

There was a man who disrespected divine healing. He wrote articles of hate against any Christian who prayed for the sick and who wanted the sick to be well. He mocked Christians who believed that God still answers prayer for healing and that God still heals today. He said Jesus did not want people well. He got cancer, and someone asked me to go pray for him. I refused as someone who has spent their life dishonoring healing cannot suddenly change. What I am talking about today is the fundamental principles that bind the universe today, this is vital for your success and well being.

When it is time for you to move forward, a mentor appears. When Israel was ready to enter the land of promises, Moses appeared. When they were ready to reject paganism and immorality, Elijah appeared. When the woman needed a financial miracle, Elijah turned up at her doorstep!

If you respect the people who bring financial freedom to others, they will move towards you. People often ask how Tree of Life gets so many good speakers – I believe that a massive part of the story is that we genuinely honour our speakers. When you honour those who come your way to bring you freedom financially, you will explode with prosperity.

Many people who have experienced horrific financial devastation, if you listen to their story, a mentor appeared but they failed to honour their mentor! You have to honour your mentor, you have to pursue your mentor. Some people have failed to be lifted by me because they cannot come and visit me. You visit your mentor! I visit Robert Maasbach, he does not come and visit me!

So believe that you will encounter a mentor who will give you wisdom to make better financial decisions. If you have made actions that lost you money, you can make actions that bring money in!

So chase wise counsel! Maybe your pastor, maybe it is your boss at work, maybe it is a financial planner. But whatever else you do today, take the time to listen to good advice. And let the advice come from whom it will. Don’t make snap judgments based on what they look like. The wisest man in Israel was John the Baptist, but he wore funny clothes and had a funny diet. Never let the package distract from the content.


Let me finish with this: the most successful people in life have the best mentors.

I’d love to hear your mentorship stories, please tell us as a comment about them!

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