How to Make Some Else A Better Leader 17 Two Keys for Motivating Potential Leaders

  • Find out what they want. Everybody wants something. Now somethings will disqualify someone from leadership, people who want a lifestyle that doesn’t honour Christ, someone who wants to sow discord, but even among disciples of Jesus we have a variety of good motives and wants out of leadership. Most people will, especially if you are good at maintaining relationships will tell you what they want, others are less forthcoming and you have to work with that as the leader of leaders. Do they want to travel more, travel less, teach more, evangelise more, be in small groups more. Some things are impossible to accommodate, other things you could change and help your leaders find a better place and a happier place. Some people need a thank you in private, others prefer in private. Some people dream of international ministry, others would hate it. A big part of your job as a leader of leaders is to help get the round pegs in the round holes.
  • Listen to them. I will admit I used to struggle with this, and the good news is I am improving. When I moved to Dagenham and planted a church, then started planted more churches, I had so much opposition it was supernatural. Everyone came out of the woodwork to challenge us, to tell us what couldn’t be done. I had to learn how to be tough, thick skinned and say no over and over to people who wanted to kill our Moses while it was still a baby. Now, twelve years on I am surrounded by people who love me and want Tree of Life to win, and I have learned to say yes. I still say no too, but it’s not my automatic when someone brings me an idea. We need to learn to listen to those we raise up. You are never the one with all the good ideas. You are just not that great. If you do use someone else’s idea, give them the credit and praise. Let everyone know how much they helped. Even if you say no, still thank the person for their idea and praise it. It’s probably not a bad idea, just not the best idea, so do that or you create a culture where no one can make a suggestion to you, you will miss great ideas.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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