How to Make Someone Else a Better Leader 18 You Become a Better Leader

The better a leader you are the better a leader you can make people. If you want to lead leaders – what are you reading? How are you reading the Bible? What is your plan for prayer? What are you doing daily to grow and develop?

You becoming better, you walking with God, you learning to lead, you developing the character and capacity to lead better is never going to happen by accident. It needs a plan, a daily routine and a commitment not to be distracted. I am currently in Alabama, but I have still prayed daily, I have still read large parts of the Bible, I have still studied and developed – because I have a plan, and I stick to it. It is in my calendar and is the most important part of my calendar. I guard my time that I spend walking with God and developing myself, because nothing else matters as much.

If you do not pray and study the Word and work on yourself daily, at least Monday to Friday, you are not going to ever develop the capacity to lead leaders. It does not have to be the same thing every day, for me it works better if it does. I have a set amount of time daily that I pray, read the Word, listen to sermons, consider certain situations, make certain declarations, and I guard that time “religiously”. Because I want to grow. I am reading new books and I am on three different courses right now because I need to grow. My future and the future of many others depends on me growing.

Another key that might help is this – can you learn more in wasted time? Terri Savelle changed her life by listening to CDs of preachers in her car over rock music. That could be any of us. Waiting for a plane? What can you do? Stuck in traffic? What could you be listening to?


Published by Tree of Life Church

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